BBC Music Publishing exists to generate income for BBC Programmes.

We INVEST IN PROGRAMMES AND COMPOSERS, in return for acquiring copyright and a share of royalties from the music.  We collect income which goes back into the BBC, supporting the development of new BBC programmes and, ultimately, into supporting the creation of originally composed music

We are a CREATIVE MUSIC PUBLISHER employing a highly skilled team, all of whom have many years of BBC and music publishing experience

We offer NON-EXCLUSIVE deals

We offer NON-RECOUPABLE advances and royalties from DAY ONE

We offer comprehensive administration and income tracking systems

We operate a BBC Branded Library of music to ensure secondary exploitation of our clients' work via on-line delivery, physical CD and hard drive

We feature individual composer profiles on the Library website and offer links to Composers' personal sites

To find out more and/or how we can help you, please contact:

Dominic Walker - 020 8433 1283

Nicholas Baxter - 020 8433 2756

Victoria Watkins - 020 8433 1128

Maxwell Davis - 020 8433 2079